Understanding spywares and protecting out computers from them

Online threats are as common as these days as is the Internet. However, not all malware are created equal. There are some major differences between different kinds of malware. For example, most people do not understand the concept of a spyware. The spyware may be related to the virus but the two are very different in terms of what they do. The spyware acts as a spy. This means that if you have an active internet connection on your computer, then it has the ability to send information on whatever you are doing on your computer to third parties. The information that is sent out in this way does not need to be whatever you are doing on the computer but may also include information that you enter in WebPages as you surf the internet. No need to say that the spywares are very dangerous as they have the ability to compromise your privacy and safety by giving out the information of your location, your ip number ad other information that may be used to locate you. For those who do not encrypt data as they send it online, the spyware has the ability to copy this data and send it to the third party.

So what is to be done if you suspect that you have a spyware on your computer?

What most people do not understand is that a spyware works very different from a virus. Most of the spywares are latent programmes. This means that they install silently and then sit pretty on your computer. They do not show any signs that they are there and they may sit for so many years without you realising that they are there. So it is very difficult to say that you will get rid of the spyware if you see signs that it is there because in most cases there will be none. The most important thing that you can do it to make sure that the spyware does not reach your computer. This is done by way of making sure that you have an anti-spyware that protects you as you surf the internet. This anti-spyware must have the ability to do spyware search and destroy any spyware that may be on the computer. Another thing that most people ignore is to have a firewall on the computer. What this does is to make sure that only the applications that you allow will access the internet. This means that even if you have spyware o the computer, it will not be able to send out the information that it collects about you and your activities.

Once you have the two, you need to ensure that you do a spyware search and destroy at least every two weeks of internet surfing. This makes sure that you catch all these bugs before they manifest. It is also good that you keep the anti-spyware updated because if you do not then it will be obsolete.

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