It is indeed a fact that these days’ computers have become a great part of our lives and indeed play a very vital role. An important point to note here is that most people rely completely on computers and other means of technology. It is to be acknowledged that some people store personal and certified information within their computers. And so it can be claimed that every computer needs protection. In order to protect our computer from viruses, we use Antivirus software. And this article is completely about Antivirus software review. It was in the early 1980’s that people started having issues with computer viruses. How ever these viruses were much more primitive and were spread through floppies, CD’s and other hard disks. Later, as more people started to use the internet, viruses began to be commonly known. These viruses are deliberately designed to damage other files and result as a problem for the user. However a virus can not affect your hard disk, although it can seriously corrupt your data at vast measures. Some examples of viruses are: “I love you” virus, Slammer virus, Melissa virus and storm Worm virus. This article about Antivirus software review will help you become aware of the types of antivirus software’s that can help you protect your system. Many companies offer different Antivirus software’s but some are more advanced and reasonable then the others. Different people have different views about Antivirus systems but an Antivirus software review will help you decide which is better. According to certain Antivirus software review, Kasperksy is the most famous antivirus software. And many people are familiar with it on national basis. This is because it is reliable when it comes to user based interface. This software includes a special feature and that feature is that before entering a website page you can check whether if it contains inappropriate materials or spywares and Trojans. The second most famous antivirus software according to our Antivirus software review is Norton Antivirus. This software is not famous because of its features. In fact its features are not so good after all. But the reason to its popularity is that it is easily available over the internet and you can easily download it from the internet, unlike other antivirus softwares which are more commonly purchased. And lastly, the most well known antivirus software according to our Antivirus software review is ESET. This is the most common antivirus. It proved its immense success within a short period of several years. You can easily install ESET to your system from the internet. However it does take some time. But it is worth it. Often people face the problem that there antivirus system can not be upgraded. With ESET you can easily upgrade your software just by typing in your username and password. ESET has great scanning features and quick search results and prompt action which is why it is very famous. We hope that this article proved to be of some help to you.

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