How to deal with fake virus infection alerts

Sadly, computer malware is getting smarter with each passing day. Hackers work overtime to program better and better applications to infiltrate your PC and cripple it or to steal important personal information and monitor your browsing behaviors. Not only are black hat hackers developing more sophisticated computer viruses but  they are also coming up with more clever ways to trick their unsuspecting victims. To fight this, security companies are also upgrading their products and finding a good one to use is not a hard task since there are a lot of websites specialized in virus protection reviews , articles and antivirus reviews.

            One of the more clever ways in which hackers trick inexperienced computer users into letting their machines get infected is by advertising fake antivirus products that promise the user a complete removal of malware from his computer. The problem is that these products are actually viruses or spyware in disguise. Ok so, here is how this scam works and what to do to avoid it. Sometimes while browsing the internet you will stumble on some sites that will notify you about a serious virus infection on your computer and telling you that you should download a certain application that can clean your computer and protect it ( how nice of them! ). Usually this alarms inexperienced internet users and they go ahead and follow the instructions given by the phony website. Well, congratulations, you just installed some spyware on your PC! One thing you can do, just so you are sure that these programs are fake, is to search their names on virus protection reviews websites or just use a search engine to see if there are any antivirus reviews about them. Almost all of the times you will be notified that these are actual threats to your computer.

Now let’s say that you actually believed those notifications and installed one of these applications. The first thing you want to do is immediately search around for one of the best antivirus programs on the market, purchase it and install it. To find out which product removes and protects you against  “scareware” effectively just search around and read some good antivirus reviews which should cover all the capabilities of an internet security application. After you have the program up and running make sure you update it so that it can identify all the latest threats and restart your computer into safe mode with networking by holding the F8 key after the reboot and choosing the appropriate option in the menu you are presented with. Once your operating system loads up, run a complete scan of all your hard drives using the antivirus program and let it deal with all the infections found.

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