Key features to look for in an antivirus program


            Internet malware is getting smarter with each passing day. Since it first came onto the internet scene, mostly as jokes played by programmers between themselves to boost their computing ego, it has sadly evolved beyond the wildest expectations of any computer connoisseur. Luckily, internet security developers also did their best to upgrade their applications constantly to keep up with all the new computer security threats. Also, what started out as a small market soon flourished because of the high demand of security solutions to fight cyber crime. As such, every internet user has a wide range of antivirus programs to choose from and the truth is that some are significantly better than others. To help you with purchasing an antivirus program that best suits your needs here are some important features to look for in a computer security application. Reading antivirus reviews is a good way to find out about the options offered by each program.

Probably the most important thing check when reading an antivirus review is the system requirements of the program. If you own a newer PC then you probably shouldn’t encounter any problems when installing and running an antivirus program. However, if your computer is an old-timer with a low spec than you should carefully read many antivirus reviews about the program you have in mind, to make sure your PC has the recommended system requirements. There isn’t any point in having a computer fully protected against malware but which runs like one fully infected with it. The thing is, some antivirus applications require more resources to offer real time protection than others and could slow down your machine by a lot.

Another important feature to look for when going through antivirus reviews is parental control. Some programs don’t offer it and if you have children you should put this at the top of your list. You can use it to block adult sites permanently and filter search engine results so that you kids don’t stumble upon mature or disturbing content. Also, if you are a passionate gamer, you should always check if the application offers the “gaming” feature. It can be very annoying to get your game minimized when you receive real time notifications from your antivirus or hear load sounds like “Virus database updated” when using software to communicate with your partners while playing online.

Because one of the most dangerous types of malware out there, which uses your PC to run but actually targets you, are key loggers, you should always read virus protection reviews and find an internet security program that has the “virtual keyboard” option available. It is vital to use this feature anytime you enter one of your passwords so that key loggers have  no way of stealing it.

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