How to remove virus infections


            So you think you might have some unwelcomed guests poking around on your PC and you want to throw them out. Well first of all, here are some of the usual symptoms of a virus infection. The first thing you are going to notice is that your computer slows down a lot and has trouble even with performing the most common tasks like opening a document or running simple applications. This is because viruses are also programs and require system resources to do their malicious tasks. Also you can be sure that hackers program malware without having any optimizing process in mind so usually viruses require a significant amount of memory to run. This symptom alone should be enough to have you checking out virus protection reviews on the internet.

Another hint of a virus infection is random creation of useless unknown files. Many viruses do this and the worst part is that until you remove the intruder from your PC these files will keep popping up no matter how many times you delete them. Virus protection reviews and articles will back up this behavior and describe it as one of the usual symptoms of a guaranteed virus infection.

Ok, so, enough with the symptoms, let’s see what you need to do in order to clean your computer of unwelcomed guests. Well, it goes without saying that you should perform the steps described below even if you have no reason to believe that your PC is infected because precaution is better than solving an issue after the damage has been done. The first thing you should do is read antivirus reviews and find the security software that best fits your needs and purchase it. After you have your program, restart your PC in “safe mode with networking” by pressing F8 repeatedly during the booting process and selecting the appropriate option from the menu that you will be presented with.

Once Windows loads, install the antivirus program. If you are having trouble with the installation go ahead and search for an antivirus review that will guide you through the process. After you have your application up and running make sure you take the time to update it. This is because all programs come with the virus database available at their release date and you need to update it if you want to be able to remove new viruses also. The next step is closing all other applications and running a full system scan. After the scan is complete and viruses are dealt with, restart your computer again and run another scan. This is to make sure your PC wasn’t infected with viruses that have the ability to recreate themselves. If this is the case, you need to check out some virus protection reviews and guides for a complete step by step process of getting rid of  die-hard viruses.

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